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Why Smithey?

US Made Modern heirlooms
polished cook surface

We polish our interior to a satin like finish making our cook surface easy to clean and naturally non-stick.

Crafted & Designed in the usa

Designed and crafted by a team of passionate folks on an old Naval Base in Charleston, SC.

Lifetime Gift

We craft cookware intended to be used daily for generations and become a true heirloom in your family’s kitchen.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Perfect size
Passed the hardest test, over easy eggs slide around the pan and have not stuck once!!!
KEVIN B. Verified Buyer
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I love this skillet
I cook every night in it that we dont go out to eat. Very high quality, easy to clean and maintain, excellent finish.
CARSON D. Verified Buyer
User Image
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Good value
Such a great pan. Even heat, perfect size for what I needed. Makes some beautiful grilled sandwiches.
JEANETTE C. Verified Buyer
over 5,000 5-star Reviews

Don’t just take our word.
Take theirs.

Farmhouse Skillet
There is nothing ordinary about this skillet and have used it twice since receiving it just a few days ago. Perfect for stovetop to oven to serving with every bit of performance and style.

— Jennifer
7.25 QT Dutch Oven
What can I say. This 7.25 qt dutch oven has been used 7 of the 10 days since we received it. It is a straight up tank. 10 out of 10 and worth every $$$

— Jeffrey
The No. 12 Combo Set
This will cook all your favorite foods with a whisker of butter or oil. Very nonstick. Heats evenly, cleans easily with water. Best cast iron cookware ever. Got for my spouse who was the #10 and can’t stop talking about what an amazing pan it is.

— Sandara
No. 14 Dual Handle Skillet
This is hands down the best pan/skillet I have ever owned. It heats even and quickly. It is large so it can fit almost any ingredients you put in it. It is well made and easy to care for! I will definitely buy another one if my wife allows!

— Dustin
No. 10 Chef Skillet
This has replaced all my pan cookware, an extreme close 2nd to my grandma's vintage skillet that I acquired but, only due to nostalgia. AMERICAN Cast iron is the way to go!!

— Christopher
The highest Quality you could imagine. Heats up super fast & I have an electric stove! This is a No Brainer that your Grandchildren will be using one day. Handmade in American and my favorite pot I’ve ever owned.

— Dusty
No. 6 Skillet
Small, but very useful. Great quality and works well for a egg or two, a single burger, couple servings of cornbread, and much more.

— Rayford
Subtle Differences

Cast Iron vs Carbon Steel...

Cast Iron


Cast iron sourced and poured in the USA


Poured and cast from molten iron, polished interior surface, slightly heavier in weight for maximum heat retention


Compatible with all cooktops, ovens, and grills, even over fire


Keep cast iron thoroughly dry between uses and season with a light sheen of oil as needed


Great for frying, baking and being a versatile workhorse in your kitchen

Carbon Steel


US sourced carbon steel


Smooth metal hand-forged by blacksmiths, lighter in weight, unique in design (no two pieces are the same)


Compatible with all cooktops, ovens, and grills, even over fire


Keep carbon steel thoroughly dried in between uses and season with a light sheen of oil as needed.


A functional work of art for your kitchen that can roast and sear like no other

A Message From The Founder

I started Smithey with some simple thoughts about what constitutes a piece of premium cast iron cookware. Surface smoothness, weight, wall angle, handles, and pour-spout dimensions dance around in my noggin more than I care to admit. These elements (and more) are important for you to enjoy a first-rate piece of cookware. But our work at Smithey is much more than the ideas and dreams of one person.
Your cookware is made by a team of designers, engineers, foodies, foundrymen, metal grinders, craftsman, and seasoners, moving in step, with a passion and commitment to make amazing cookware. This cast of characters delights in making premium cast iron and carbon steel cookware that you, your family, and friends will enjoy and rely on for generations.
We only ask that you use your Smithey to create meals and memories of your own. Don’t let your Smithey dither in a cupboard. Proudly display it on your stovetop. Put it to work! Don’t allow convention to keep you from new dishes. We are sure that you’ll be happy with the results. And when it’s time to pass your Smithey to the next generation, you’ll be all the wiser.
Enjoy and Use It Well!

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