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No. 8 Cast Iron Chef Skillet
smithey 8 inch chef skillet
smithey 8 inch chef skillet underneath
No. 8 Cast Iron Chef Skillet
No. 8 Cast Iron Chef Skillet
No. 8 Cast Iron Chef Skillet

No. 8 Cast Iron Chef Skillet

Our 8" skillet is designed to be a daily cooking companion. The smaller shape and curved interior sides promote movement and flipping, while the longer handle keeps your hands farther away from heat. Like all Smithey skillets, the interior features a smooth polished finish that when seasoned is naturally non-stick. Ideal for sides, smaller meats, and the perfect fried egg, this skillet has a natural place beside its bigger siblings on the range. Use it well.


Satin-smooth, polished finish

Extended length handle

Holes on both sides for hanging

US Made

Dimensions & Specs

Diameter (top): 8”

Depth: 1.6”

Handle to Handle: 15”

Weight: +-3 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Great Iron Skillet

I purchased a small iron skillet from Smithey Ironware at the 2020 Charleston Wine and Food Festival and received it shortly afterwards. Great folks and I love to cook on iron skillets. Very happy with my purchase. I purchased a large skillet for my son the previous year and he was very pleased with the quality. Thanks guys!!!

Looks great and cooks great

At first I was a little disappointed with the surface as I expected a much better non-stick surface. It destroyed the first omelette because it stuck like Velcro despite additional oil to help. I went through seasoning it on the stove top and it has improved a bit. Heat dispersion and retention is great and as advertised. Over time I believe it will become more and more seasoned and the smooth surface is bound to become a non-stick surface. No doubt this will last as long as one could ever hope. It is a very stunning piece of cookware and I don’t regret the purchase.


I don't know why it took so long for humans to invent a cast iron egg/saute pan with rounded edges like the non-stick aluminum ones, but props to Smithey for finally doing it. I wasn't sure how the polished, smooth inside finish would hold seasoning. I figured the old fashioned pans might be textured and rough for a reason, but mine is about halfway to being fully seasoned/pitch black and seems to be doing great. It already does eggs perfectly.

No.8 Chef Skillet

Absolutely gorgeous skillet. Could not be happier with the product. Look forward to using it and being able to pass on to my next generation of family. Don’t be cheap like me. Go ahead and order the leather skillet sleeve for the handle. The handle does get hot during extended use. I plan on ordering the sleeve with my next purchase

Beautiful and functional

This is my 2nd (but not last) Smithey. I have the No12” skillet and both of them are slick and a wonder to cook with! I have other cast iron from manufacturers but these are the best I’ve seen (other than my grandmother’s). I will try when the time comes to pass them on to my daughters but I’m sure it will be a struggle. Next in line is the Farmhouse Skillet! #useitwell #passitonwisely