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Smothered Pork Chops

Weeknight dinners just got better with Smithey’s take on this southern staple. This recipe combines the classic ingredients of smothered pork chops while incorporating a dash of cayenne for a nice kick, plus a touch of curry powder for flavor and a beautiful color.

Smothered Pork Chops

6 bone-in pork chops
2 cups finely chopped onion (from 1 large onion)
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon canola oil
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 cup chicken broth
2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves, more to garnish
1/2 teaspoon curry powder
1/8 teaspoon cayenne, or to taste
1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic (from ~3 cloves)
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Coarse kosher salt, to taste

Serves 6



Pat pork chops dry and let come to room temperature. Season generously on both sides with salt and pepper.


Preheat No. 14 Skillet over medium heat for 1-2 minutes. Add canola oil and heat until shimmering. Add pork chops and sear on each side until deeply golden brown, about 4-5 minutes per side. Remove to a platter to rest.


Add butter and onion to the skillet, stirring to scrape up the brown bits that have accumulated on the bottom. Reduce heat to medium low and cook until onions are very soft and lightly caramelized, about 10-12 minutes. Stir in garlic, cayenne, and curry powder and cook for 1 minute until fragrant.


Stir in chicken broth, cream, and thyme. Let simmer until the gravy begins to reduce and thicken, about 3-5 minutes. Return pork chops to the pan and let simmer until hot and cooked through, about 3 minutes longer.


Garnish with additional thyme and cracked black pepper. Serve immediately.


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