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The Smithey Story

Smithey Ironware is a backyard story. Our founder, Isaac Morton, hatched the idea for Smithey while tinkering around his woodshed admiring the smooth surfaces and timeless logos of vintage ironware. Here, he developed an expertise in restoring beautiful old cookware pieces, which he would then gift to friends and family.

After years of studying collector’s books and bird-dogging rusty old pieces to restore to their 1890’s glory, the prospect of creating something new piqued his curiosity. Creating and sharing a cast iron cookware line that honored the classic style of vintage pieces, but also harnessed modern technology and processes, just felt like a good idea. And from that idea – that a lost art might be restored into a modern icon - Smithey Ironware was born.

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Getting Down To Business

After working through skillet design for more than a year, learning more than we imagined about the industry, investing in the future, and stomaching our fair-share of rejection, Smithey Ironware rolled up our shop doors in late 2015.

We labor over design, obsess over our manufacturing process, and always look around the corner for ways to improve your cooking experience. The result is cast iron cookware with a glassy-smooth surface that is not only naturally non-stick and simple to clean - it is artfully crafted. 

Our Process & Commitment

Made in the US, our skillets begin as raw castings with a surface similar to heavy grit sandpaper. We transform each one into an elegant cookware piece by hand & machine here in Charleston, SC. We are so confident in the quality of our cookware, that each Smithey comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We believe that some of the best cast iron sits on the ranges of future generations, and we plan to share it with you. In the kitchen or around the campfire, our goal is to be first in mind when home chefs think of premium cast iron cookware.

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