No. 10 Cast Iron Chef Skillet
smithey 10 inch chef skillet
smithey 10 inch chef skillet underneath
No. 10 Cast Iron Chef Skillet
No. 10 Cast Iron Chef Skillet
smithey 10 inch chef skillet side-view

No. 10 Cast Iron Chef Skillet

The new 10” chef skillet is our most versatile skillet to date. Featuring curved interior walls to promote movement and ease of serving, the 10” chef skillet has a larger surface than our popular 8”, encouraging you to cook bigger omelets, sauté more veggies, or sear an extra steak. Like all Smithey skillets, the interior features our signature polished finish that when seasoned is naturally non-stick and easy to clean. We’re excited about this one – use it well!


Satin-smooth, polished finish

Extended length handle

Holes on both sides for hanging

US Made

Dimensions & Specs

Diameter (top): 10”

Depth: 1.6”

Handle to Handle: 17.25”

Weight: +-4.75 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Pam Hodges

This is the best pan ever!! I keep it on my stove and use it for everything! I purchased the leather grip and the spatula also!

No 10 Cast Iron Skillet

I purchased this piece for my partner who loves to cook. He has enjoyed this skillet so much. It cooks to perfection and has been a wonderful added piece to his collection. Its also very nice to know he will have this skillet forever.


Yep, my Smithey is beautiful. It's an heirloom pan that I'm loving it.

Love my No. 10 Cast Iron Chef Skillet

Not just another pretty face. This skillet is great to cook with and easy to clean. My daughters are already hinting that this skillet is on their wish lists. My grandmothers would have loved it too.

Love this pan

It is a beautiful piece and I love it. We are using it at least once a day and it is everything it should be. I do feel that it was an extravagant purchase because I have a well used Lodge pan but it is just so pretty and functional that I do not regret the purchase.