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No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet
smithey 10 inch cast iron skillet
smithey 10 inch cast iron skillet underneath
No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet
No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet

No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet

Our 10" skillet is an ideal size for a small household or the baker creating a perfectly sized cornbread or cake. We love this skillet on the grill or around the campfire as well. The 10″ features the essentials in a cast-iron skillet – pour spots, a helper handle for lifting with two hands, and our signature polished interior that is easy to clean and maintain. The 10″ is the first skillet that we manufactured at Smithey - it is a fixture on our range. We love this everyday skillet and are sure you will as well.


Satin-smooth, polished finish

Ergonomic handle

Pour Spouts

Holes on both sides for hanging

US Made

Dimensions & Specs

Diameter (top): 10”

Depth: 2”

Handle to Handle: 16”

Cook Surface: 9”

Weight: +-5.5 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews

This was a birthday gift to my 29 yr. old son. He suggested it to mt. He loves it.

Very happy with my purchase.

I bought the 10” skillet for my niece. She couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Great Pan - Had some issues

I love the pans i've seen! My 10" came with a few minor flaws, so i returned it, and upgraded to a 12" at the same time. I love love love them, and customer service was awesome!

Late to the Party

After spending the last year remarking that I didn't have any cast iron at home, we took the plunge after seeing the Smithey products in person at Charleston Wine and Food. We purchased both the #10 Skillet and Chef's Skillet. These are some smooth, pretty and fairly well-seasoned pieces right out of the box. My recent research on cooking and cleaning cast iron paid off well ... but it really hasn't taken long for these to dominate my cooking needs. They just perform so well! Once I learned some basics on temperature (usually, less than I was using with other pans) and got some experience with how different foods react to that surface, it's just not difficult to embrace cooking with these instead of non-sticks. ... And did I mention how pretty these are?

Excellent cookware.

I've had another well known iron skillet for decades but was intrigued by the cooking surface of these. Decided to buy one. Out the box the coating had a copper color finish. Did a batch of carmalized onions, wiped off the excess oil. Next day decided to try a fried egg. At first I thought as I dropped the egg in the pan, oh no way to hot as it sizzled and bubbled. As I lifted the pan of the fire I saw the egg slide around. This pan was hot, but the egg didn't stick. Impressive. Wiped clean. No protein marks at all. Excellent quality, finish and overall craftsmanship was put into this pan and have been using it for most of my meals. Gave my other pan to a friend as I am hooked on using this one. Don't hesitate, get yourself one of these. Maybe 2 or 3.