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The carbon steel wok

Something unique for the cook who has everything. Hand-forged by artisan blacksmiths, this stovetop stunner is our newest piece of cookware and has us smiling at the range each night. Rich in legacy, light in weight—this gift is sure to impress.

Holiday Puzzle

‘Tis the season for wholesome indoor activities. We’re cooking, eating, and more recently building puzzles that resemble our range. This 500-piece limited edition Smithey Holiday Puzzle makes a great stocking stuffer or winter day activity for when you find yourself needing a break from the kitchen.

an engraved no. 12 skillet

Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 706 reviews

Make it theirs this holiday season by adding a custom engraving to our best-selling skillet. Our No.12 cast iron skillet is destined to become a family heirloom. Personalization takes this thoughtful gift one step further with an everlasting reminder of where this skillet got it's start. They’re made to be passed down and celebrated through milestone meals, holidays and memories. It doesn’t get much more personal than this.

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