Questions About Your Smithey

Our Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our cookware and will do what it takes to earn your satisfaction. If your Smithey is defective, we’ll replace it. If it fails you after honest and normal use, we’ll repair or replace it.

What kind of Range or Stovetop is compatible with my Smithey?

Gas, Electric, or Induction....we have yet to find a range that doesn't work for a Smithey.

Each skillet will perform best on a range that is appropriately sized to the underside of the skillet. Our No. 10 measures 9" on its underside. Our No. 12 measures 10.5" on its underside.

Occasionally, customers wonder if the heat ring on the underside of our skillets affect performance. Answer - not at all...

Can I bake with my Smithey?

Yes. Perfect for baking breads, soufflés, pies, etc. Your oven can’t get too hot for a Smithey.

Can I grill with my Smithey?

Yes. Smithey Ironware is perfectly safe on any grill.

Can I cook over live fire?

Yes. Nothing better than a cast iron meal under the stars.

Is my Smithey non-stick?

Polished cast iron features a smooth surface that becomes naturally non-stick with use. We buff, grind, and polish your Smithey in our workshop to create a simple, beautiful, satin-like surface. That said, we recommend using oil to get the most out of a Smithey. Its non-stick surface will improve as you cook with it and/or add additional seasoning layers.

What color is cast iron?

Cast iron is naturally grey. The first layers of seasoning we apply to your Smithey give it a copper shade. As you cook with your Smithey, it will take on a time-honored deep black patina.

What is the purpose of the three holes on the lip of the pan?

The 3 holes are a unique identifier that allows a Smithey to stand in a crowd. Reach for it on the range!

What's in a name?

A Smithey is a metal craftsmen or the shop in which that craftsmen works. We like the name Smithy, but we like it more with an “e”.

What type of bird is on your logo?

The bird you see in our logo is a California Quail or Valley Quail, a game bird that inhabits the western US. Isaac Morton, our founder, spent many years in Northern California before returning to his roots in the Carolinas. An avid outdoorsman, Isaac’s weekends were consumed by scouting the great state in search of fish, game, surf, and solitude. Given his fond memories of the natural beauty of California, the quail seemed a fitting reminder of a place that holds a special place in his heart. It’s also one of the best tasting game birds you can imagine when properly prepared. Butter, thyme, salt, and pepper quickly seared in your Smithey...

Returns or Exchanges

Smithey cookware is designed and crafted to serve for generations.  If your cookware fails you after normal and honest use, we’ll repair or replace it.  If your cookware falls below our quality standards, we’ll make it right. Smithey can accommodate returns or exchanges for new, unused cookware within 45 days of delivery.   Visit our returns portal here.

Overnight Shipping

We do offer Express Overnight shipping via FedEx for an additional charge.  Our daily shipping cutoff time is 2:00 EDT.  Orders placed Monday-Thursday prior to 2:00 will be delivered the next business day.  

Overnight orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship on Monday and be delivered on Tuesday.  Saturday delivery is not currently an option. Please contact with any questions.  

Active Duty & Veterans

Smithey is proud to offer special pricing for our active duty service members and veterans. Through GovX ID services, you can verify here for special pricing on any cookware purchase.

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