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Welcome to Smithey Stories


Stories. Recipes. Tips. Interviews. Sneak peeks. Questions and answers. When it comes to talking with the people in our Smithey community, we relish the back and forth that comes from sharing ideas, experiences, and feedback. Deep relationships depend on deep exchanges, after all, and the more we foster conversation, the more we learn and grow. Which is why we’re expanding our site to include even more original content. In addition to blog posts and recipes, we’ll share behind the scenes snapshots of the shop in action, guides to everything from cast iron seasoning to one-pot meals and perfect pancakes, chef insights and secrets, plus personal tales of your own cooking memories and traditions—and much, much more. It’s an exciting moment for us and we encourage you to get involved and let us know your thoughts as we go along. The Smithey community begins and ends with you, you see, and we cannot wait to share your stories, too.

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