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Cooking outdoors with cast iron is a tradition as old as time. Think of the settlers crossing the country in covered wagons while cooking with their cast iron skillets for every meal. Although, today most of our cast iron gets its use in our home kitchens, there is something we can't get away from when it comes to our desire to cook outdoors. The way that cast iron cooks over an open flame and provides a great char to anything we cook is special. We vow to make getting outdoors more and cooking over fire as much as possible a priority this spring.

Whether we're hosting a garden party on Martha's Vineyard, seaside grilling at Big Sur, or using our skillet as bear protection when camping in Yellowstone, we're looking forward to taking you along for the ride. Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to our email list as we'll be sharing some of our favorite travel stories, recipes, and tips for cooking outdoors.

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