Letter from Isaac 9/28/21

September is an atypical month for me.

Over the last 20 years - somehow - I’ve managed to carve one of its weeks away in reserve as “off the grid time”. A time to detach from noise, reconnect to the outdoors with old pals, catch wild trout, and celebrate meals streamside.

While everyone else is tightening their schedules for a return to school and work, I anxiously prep, so that I might appreciate pressing the reset button even more in the rugged mountains of Alberta. That I get to unplug, while playing with Smithey cookware, makes it even more exciting.

This year my friends and I plan to pack our 5.5 quart Smithey Dutch Oven with a well-seasoned brisket, surround it with hot coals, and bury it undergrown where it will slowly roast for the day (or two?). A relaxed approach to cooking I suppose, but also an affirmation that good things take time.

At Smithey, we have spent a lot of time in particular working on one piece of cookware that is exciting to us and probably unexpected to you. A piece with amazing history, function, and elegance. Keep your eye out for it in the coming months. It is another milestone for our team to celebrate in advance of the wild ride that is our Smithey holiday season.

So before I sign off to unplug, reset, and avoid burning the brisket, I wanted to thank all of our customers for your passion for Smithey cookware. We love being a part of your story.

-Isaac Morton


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