Friday Fish Dinner with Abundant Seafood

We love the idea of a Friday fish dinner here at Smithey. When our friends at Abundant Seafood let us know that they would be sourcing beautiful Pacific king salmon for their fish market here in Charleston, we had to call dibs.  

Abundant Seafood is a community supported fishery focused on providing both locally caught and sustainably sourced seafood.

Simply prepared, extremely delicious 

Our ideal Friday fish dinners are done outdoors or over fire with friends and family. The summer is a great time for produce, so we like to use our farmer’s market vegetables as an easy side dish. This week, we had fairy tale eggplant (a lovely mini eggplant that cooks up beautifully on the grill) and shishito peppers that we tossed with olive oil, salt, and lemon.      

 For the salmon, we let the fresh flavors of this fish thrive over fire and coals in the Party Pan. We melted half a stick of butter down in a No. 6 Skillet before tossing in a couple cloves of chopped garlic and a handful of dill and parsley for a garlicky herb butter. We topped the salmon with the butter mixture and a squeeze of charred lemon before digging in.     


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