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Letter from Isaac 5/13/21

It is a busy spring here at Smithey.

I love seeing our team march around the shop with pep and purpose. A year ago, we were nervous and concerned about the future. Today we are in sync and excited. We are back to the work we do best – making heirloom quality cookware for the legions of patrons who appreciate fine craftsmanship and love to cook.  

We have a lot in store for America’s cookware junkies. We just launched a custom engraving service where our skilled craftsmen, Darin, will personalize a message on the underside of your pan. Whether a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or graduation, this is a service that reinforces our commitment to allowing you to give stunning gifts and share in creating cast iron memories. In addition to engraving, Kristin, Will, Robert, Trevor, and I are tinkering with a roomful of new cookware designs that we can’t wait to share.

We want your experience in the kitchen to be full of memories that start in a Smithey. We treasure coming to work to serve our customers in that mission. It is an honor we take seriously. It is good to be back in a groove.

-Isaac Morton


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