11" Glass Lid – Smithey Ironware
11" Glass Lid
$ 42
11" Glass Lid
11" Glass Lid
11" Glass Lid
11" Glass Lid
11" Glass Lid
11" Glass Lid

Top off your No. 11 Skillet with a glass lid for steaming, braising, retaining heat, and protecting your stovetop from splatter.

Oven safe to 400°F Oven safe to 400°F
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Perfect Pairings
No. 11 Yellowstone Skillet -

No. 11 Yellowstone Skillet

Standard Length Sleeve -

Standard Length Sleeve

Why this lid?


A glass lid is the perfect addition to your No. 11 Skillet.  Smithey’s glass lids are thoughtfully designed using high-quality tempered glass and finished with our iconic Smithey knob and gold rim. Use your lid for steaming, braising, and melting the cheese of your grilled cheese. We believe this glass lid will take your cast iron cooking up a notch. Use it well. 

11" lid fits the No. 11 Yellowstone Skillet and No. 11 Deep Skillet only

Oven safe up to 400°F

Tempered glass, stainless steel knob

Dishwasher safe

Sourced from China

$ 42

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