5.5 Qt DO
$ 300
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO
5.5 Qt DO

A true stovetop stunner for family-style slow-cooking, baking, frying and more.

US Made US Made
Lifetime Guarantee Lifetime Guarantee
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Seasoning Oil

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Why this Dutch Oven?

Honoring the best of vintage American Dutch oven design, the 5.5 QT Dutch Oven is a beautiful and functional kitchen work horse that is destined to be a modern heirloom. It’s the perfect Dutch oven for families of four or for those who love to slow cook and stew. Featuring Smithey’s signature polished interior surface that is naturally non-stick and easy-to-clean, this Dutch oven combines the best of enameled cast iron heat performance with a surface finish that will never crack or chip—in fact, the interior surface will only get better with use and time. Crafted for versatility, we designed the lid of this Dutch oven to work as a custom-fit lid for your No. 10 Traditional Cast Iron Skillet for extra convenience. Use it well.

Completely polished interior 

Multi-Use domed lid

Lid channels to recirculate moisture

US Made

Stainless steel ovenproof knob


Volume: 5.5 Qt

Depth: 4.6"

Handle to handle: 13.3"

Total height: ~8.2"

Weight (with lid): +/- 14.5 lbs

Weight (pot only): +/- 9.2 lbs

$ 300



From kitchens to campfires, your Smithey is at home wherever there is heat and is designed to work on all sources, from gas and fire to induction and electric. And don’t worry, it won’t scratch your stovetop.


Your grandchildren will thank you! We’ve designed and crafted every Smithey to withstand the test of time, become even better with age, and be an heirloom in your family’s kitchen. 


It’s true—cast iron can be heavy. Luckily, this is something we take into account when designing new pieces. We craft every Smithey to be as light as it can be while maintaining the perfect weight for optimal heat retention.


Cast iron gets a bad rap for being hard to clean. We’re here to bust that myth and let you know that polished cast iron is easy to clean. Unlike rough cast iron, which allows food to get stuck in the crevices, polished cast iron like Smithey has a smooth surface that practically wipes clean. And, despite popular belief, you can use soap.

Smithey Cast Iron

The 5.5 QT Dutch Oven

5.5 Qt DO Dimensions Blueprint Mobile

Designed for Daily Use


Whether you’re gifting to a loved one or investing in yourself, Smithey will set you up for a lifetime of great cooking. From the experienced chef to the novice cook, a Smithey is the perfect tool for all experience levels and kitchens. 



compare our cookware

3.5 Qt.  - Dutch Oven
3.5 Qt.
Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven designed to make a mean loaf of sourdough and live on your stovetop.

Key Differences

1-4 people

The perfect starter dutch oven with a smooth polished interior that won't chip or crack over time.

5.5 Qt  - Dutch Oven
5.5 Qt
Dutch Oven

A true stovetop stunner that is fit for family-style cooking.

Key Differences

3+ people

The perfect pot for slow roasted entrees, fried chicken and yeast rolls.

7.25 Qt  - Dutch Oven
7.25 Qt
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Our largest Dutch oven, the 7.25-quart, is a favorite for large families and famous chili recipes.

Key Differences

4+ people

Perfect for slow cooking, frying, roasting, braising, and baking for a whole crowd.

5.5 QT Dutch Oven

We stand behind the quality of our cast iron and carbon steel cookware. If your cookware is defective, we’ll replace it. If your cookware fails you after honest and normal use, we’ll repair or replace it.

Is the Smithey Dutch oven enameled?

The Smithey Dutch oven is non-enameled and naturally seasoned with a pure grape-seed oil. While great for breads, soups, stews and more- boiling pasta or water is not the best use of your Smithey Dutch oven.

Can I cook acidic dishes in my Smithey Dutch oven?

A well-seasoned Smithey does not fear any acidic dishes. Before diving into chili and tomato sauces however, we recommend establishing a more mature seasoning layer through baking or frying.

Can I put coals on top of the lid?

Yes! When using as a campfire Dutch oven we recommend inverting your lid so coals will stay on top.

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