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smithey ironware essential skillet set
The Essential 3-Piece Smithey Set

The Essential 3-Piece Smithey Set

Embrace the Smithey experience with our core cast iron skillets. This set includes our No. 8 chef, No. 10 traditional, and No. 12 skillets. each featuring our smooth polished interior finish, heritage-inspired design elements, signature helper handles, and superior craftsmanship. An exceptional gift for anyone from the newlywed to the most discerning chef, these skillets are destined to be modern heirlooms in any home. Use them well.

All Skillets Feature

Signature Polished Interior Surfaces

Three-Hole Helper Handles

Pre-Seasoned Finish

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I bought these because after picking them up, I knew I would never need to buy another set of pots and pans again. I go camping with my vehicle frequently and setup a mini-kitchen. These are just as perfect for the modern, redone kitchen as they are a camp site with winds blowing. They're truly pieces of art and I get comments on them frequently.


The Essential 3-Piece Smithey Set

Excellent cookware

My wife didn’t want me to spend the money but I made the purchase anyway and gave the set to her as a Christmas gift. She/we love this cookware. Excellent quality and functionality and it looks great. We love the finish of the cooking surface and we are amazed that the pans are virtually non-stick. More than worth the money!!!

Pre seasoning

Pans are smooth and finished as hoped for, however the very light preseason on the pans could be a bit better..

Great cast iron, torn between using these and my Griswold's & Wagners's

The three set came perfectly packed and ready to cook right out of the box. Surface as smooth as glass and passed my egg cooking test!. I immediately cooked a couple of pieces of chicken on the #08 for lunch and then followed up for dinner on the #10 with a double cut Flat Iron Steak (Big Bob Gibson rub, seared for 8 minutes alternating 1 minute/side, rubbing with garlic and pattng with thyme each time and finished with butter). The pans really retain there heat and the steak was excellent. Clean up a breeze with the chain and a slight re-seasoning. I still need to try the last pan in the threesome set. I’m going all in with these new pans, Griswold and Wagner's will take a back seat for now! I just gave my Lodge pans to my nephew.